Challenge 8 – Kielder Marathon Complete!

Just a quick update.

It’s been a very busy last 9 days but thankfully successful all the same!!! A proper write up of Inflatable Kayak Challenge and Marathon to come this week too!

I’d say so far, the Marathon has to be up there as one of the toughest challenge yet but I’m still keen for more…

If you would like to sponsor me for any of the challenge so far, please visit or click here for other methods! Thank you!! 🙂

Next Challenge is the Toughmudder UK, November 18th. So far we have a team of 3 doing it! If anyone is interested in running it with us let me know! Check it out here for more info! It looks epic though!

The weather could not have been better for the marathon! Blue skies all day in a fresh, crisp chilled early winter air! Beautiful!


Result for the Kielder Marathon! 🙂

Apparently, they say you can take around 20-30 mins off of the Kielder Marathon course time to get an idea of what you might get on a flat, road marathon course… we’ll see.

Thanks for reading again! 🙂


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