Mountain Biking & River Wye Challenge Complete!

Well the Mountain Bike Challenge and the River Wye Kayak Challenge are now complete! Just the marathon to go… oh dear.

Over the last 6 days my body has taken a bit of a battering with more to come this weekend, ready for the Kielder Marathon.
I’m far from ready for this. My ankle is still giving me trouble after a fall on a training run last week, i’m definitely coming down with a cold and have recently been given some very sad news about a death in the family but, I will complete it, even if I have to crawl across the finish line!

On a positive note though, the last 2 challenges have been brilliant! The mountain biking was tough but re-ignited my love for mountain biking again and the Kayak Challenge, well – I’ll do a proper write up next week for it! It was tough and awesome at the same time though! Long hours paddling down the Wye in pretty bad weather, rapids, low tide, mud, bivvys and jelly babies, a dose of risk and plenty unknowns thrown in, it really made it a tough, exciting little adventure! More to follow next week…

In the mean time, here’s some pics from our journey…

Day 1 – Kayaking the Wye


Morning of day 2 – Bivvy using the kayak as a head cover from the rain!

River Wye Challenge Complete – 100km, 2 days in an inflatable kayak! Epic.

All of the challenges I am attempting to complete this year are aimed to raise money for Children with Cancer UK. If you would like to sponsor me, however much, please visit here to donate!

Next Challenge – This Sunday, October 7th – Kielder Marathon, 26 miles plus hills!

Thanks for reading!


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