Kayak Challenge Update

Just a quick update on the Kayak Challenge set for this summer! Progress has been made in the planning and a significant step forward with the purchase of…. wait for it….. im pretty excited for this…. this!!!

“People not included”

Our weapon of choice! This bad boy has been down the River Amazon TWICE (apparently anyway!) and packs down into a back pack carry system for easy transportation (e.g. Our train journey to and from the start and end of the River Wye!) Also, compared to the picture.. I really don’t think it will be like this for us like, given it will be through Wales!

As it stands our plan is to kayak the length of the River Wye (more research required though. If, for example it turns out part of the Wye is not accessible we may need to adjust this accordingly). There will be myself and Edd Shields attempting this so far. The idea is to complete the whole distance as quickly as possible. Ideally over 1-2 days. Sunrise to Sunset… so it will be a tough one!

The River Wye is the fifth longest river in the UK and totals 134 miles!  That’s the distance from Newcastle to Sheffield and a bit more… or London to Nottingham and bit too!

UK’s fifth longest river!

As I wont have the kayak until the middle of July though, there are lots of details we wont know as yet, such as how fast we will be able to go and how stable she’ll be on parts of white water just to start, one this is certain though – it’s going to be an awesome challenge!

“Symonds Yat Area where we will most likely touch cloth!”

More to follow…

P.s. My application for the Gore-Tex Fan Dance challenge is still open for votes! (Closes Fri 22nd June!) If anyone can spare 10sec to click the link below and then “like/vote” next to my cheesy application that would be great! It will hopefully be another challenge added if i get it and help me raise more funds for Children with Cancer UK. You don’t need to register or anything to vote, just need to be on facebook and it will work! Thank you in advance for anyone who votes! 🙂 Link here: http://www.experience-tour.com/tour/can-you-complete-the-fan-dance/applicant/195/

Thanks for reading!


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