Quick update – Good to be back training!

Getting back on it after Illness!

Ill and slightly sorry for myself would be the best way to describe the last week or so. I’m a terrible patient. I self-diagnose myself constantly and then moan and moan and moan about how poorly I am to everyone i’m around – what a catch ay!? May as well continue the moan then as its been a horrible last week or so, crippling in fact. Not been able to train (I tried a run last Saturday, a day or two since coming down ill thinking it was just a 24hr bug going around and just felt terrible all the way round while not really pushing it. I decided then that I was in fact actually ill and wouldn’t train until I was back to normal).

NOT actually me!

NOT actually me!

Being ill has had two effects on me. The first was that I became slightly depressed that I wasn’t able to training or for that matter fly either, the two things I enjoy the most! So instead, I spent the time lying in bed, trying to get better, feeling sorry for myself, Googling “stomach aches with fever” and then a number of different searches combining various other symptoms I believed I had… the results were amazing. If they were true, lets just say i’m lucky to be alive and still breathing today. Hallelujah!!! Saaaaaave the Lord!!!!!

It’s funny how a little thing like the above can get you down though. I was thinking about it the other day – I had what was effectively a “poorly tummy” (Stomach Infection) and thought i was going to die! People say it’s relative though and about what you perceive as being ill and how you go about dealing with it but surely I should have just manned up? Granted i couldn’t train and it just annoyed me that i was sick in the first place – im never sick. I cant remember the last time I actually had to go and see a Doctor, never mind then having to say “I’ve got the shits doc, am i dying?”. Why didn’t I slap myself in the face before walking into the doctors and turn back around and just sweat it off then? I put it down to a combination of the media, the internet and one hypercondriact of a man, me. Never again though. It just re-emphasised the fact that things really arn’t as bad as you might think they are. There are people all over the world going through things a million times worse than you and they just get on with it. One thing I learned though is that a doctors surgery is like a socail outing for some people… Margeret, Ian, Jimmy, Brian and Barry all discussing their new illnesses for everyone to hear including their latest diagnosis, favourite and worst doctor/nurse, with so and so and eeeeee did you hear about Audrey and her diabetes. It was quite entertaining to watch and listen if truth be known. What was more entertaining was the surgery alert tone that would go off every few minute “NURRRRR!!!” then a name would appear on the screen and the ward to go to to see the doc. It was so loud though – it would be all sombre and relaxed then “NURRRR!!!!” and the 20-30 60-80 years olds and one 26 yr old man would jump out their skins in unison. I swear the receptionist staff get their kicks out of it. If the had a camera in there recording everyone jump at the sound it would be hillerious to watch!

So anyway, it’s been 14 days to the day since my last “proper” gym workout and 10 days since my last “long run”. In the last 14days i’ve managed 2 runs though (one last night and one when i was ill) and a full body workout I do in our spare room if i can’t make the gym and time is tight. This consists of weighted circuits with zero rest and a bar bell (details below). It’s not been the best 2 weeks for training then. Interestingly (or not..) while i’ve been away from training, I found myself more and more drawn to “bad foods” (depending on how you might look at it that is..). I’ve craved sugary sweets, chocolate, cakes, ice cream, fatty foods etc etc and then just gave in and just ate them all. For the minute or two i was eating them it was great… I even added an extra scoop of Ben & Gerrys at the cinema the other night (80p extra though!!)… but so what most people would say? Fair enough, each to their own and all that, but that just isn’t me. People who know me, know i’m a bit of a “health freak” as they put it and never really indulge daily on these “bad foods”. Every now and again of course I do. If its someone birthday or a weekend off training, a holiday etc etc then of course i’ll indulge. Lifes about enjoying it not limiting it. I just enjoy life more when i know i’m eating well and training. I feel so much better for it and genuinely have more energy and feel a happier person! This become more clear over the last two weeks id say with the indulgences ! I like a treat as much as the next guy and probably have an even sweeter tooth. Oh one thing that annoys me actually(just because someone said it to me the other day again) is if i’ve been training and eating healthy all week and it comes to a weekend or a day off training and just eat/drink whatever i want (within reason! lol) and someone pipes up with the whole “I dont know where you put it?” or my favourite, “I wish i could eat that much and not have to worry about it!”. It drives me mad. I bite my lip and laugh along mostly as if i were go off on one my ice cream might melt. The difference is that I actually get off my arse and put the effort in through the week though when others are at home watching TV or playing the PS3.
All it takes is a pair of trainers and abit of will power to get out the door for 30mins… stop making excuses. Its hard and it’ll hurt like hell for the first month or two even, sure, but nothing worth having in life ever comes easy. (Ahh that felt good – rant over!)

Yesterday was the first day i’ve felt almost back to normal so I decided to try a quick 2-3 mile run after work (was a little tight on time as a group of us were off to see Chirs Ramsey the comedian and i was due to be picked up 45mins from walking in the door. Chris Ramsey was awesome, by the way -well worth seeing and a fellow Sand-dancer from the North East!). The run went well though and unlike last Saturday, I could breathe normally again and didnt feel like lying down after the first 10 steps! Bingo! I am back, I thought!!!! It felt so good to be back out training breaking a sweat again even if only for 2-3 miles!! I felt great after the run, hopping straight into the shower… hot and then as cold as i could take it!! I felt more awake than I had at any point in the last 14 days!! Happy times! My chest still felt a little bit wheezy after mind but i’d say 95% back to full health again! 🙂 Let the training for Challenge 2012 resume!

On a different point two of the lads, Barry Griffin and Garry Grierson, i’ll be attempting the National 3 peaks challenge with in a few weeks emailed me to say that they’ve decided to join the Kielder Marathon later on in the year with me!! Legends. I’m still terrified for this but I think having mates there going through the pain with you will make it a little bit more entertaining hopefully, so cheers lads!

Today i’m planning on hitting the gym and getting back into the swing of things again, back on the healthy eating and back to getting ready for each

challenge! The National 3 Peaks challenge is now only 3 weeks away when we attempt to climb the 3 highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales in 24hrs and there been a few more people interested in the Toughmudder challenge in November – whether they commit to it is another story though!

The 3 Peaks is next though and although it will be tough, I genuinely cannot wait to give this one a go!

Full Body, home circuit session- Bar-Bell loaded with 12.75kg a side (max weights I have available). Completing each workout with zero rest in between. then 90s rest, repeat. 4-5sets.

Clean and Press x 12 rps
straight to…

Using barbell as base – 20 press ups normal
straight to…

Standing bent over row – 15 reps
straight to…

Standing Bicep curls – 8-10reps
straight to…

Close hand triangle press ups – as many reps as possible
straight to…

Plank – 60s or failure.

Rest and repeat.

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