People are Amazing (Plus Training Plan Progress – Week 3!)

People are Amazing!

Every year 30,000+ runners take part in the London Marathon and then 5 months later another 54,000+ people will take part in the BUPA Great North Run. The bulk of them raising money for charity. Some of them will have never run a marathon before, some will have never run a half marathon before. Some will be out of shape, some over-weight, some athletes, some club runners, some dressed as clowns, some with shaven legs (men) some with shaven heads, some as trees, some as super heros and some just in their normal gear! Which ever category these people fall in, they are about to embark on a full-body effort in order to get the full distance complete. Physically their hearts, lungs, mental state of mind and long-suffering limbs will be pushed to the limit!

For the marathon at least, it’s said that anyone can run 20miles, its the last 6 that count even for the fit.

So why do people do it? Why enter such races? Their ambitions? To get fit? To raise awareness for charity? Or just for the challenge or for the bragging rights at the end? All of these are answers people give and all are amazing in there own right. These people will be out of their comfort zones in training and even more so on the day and it will make a difference, not only to themselves for but the charities they are raising for. That one person, the person who said they want to give it a go this year, they will make a difference.

I’ve used the example of the London Marathon and Great North Run because its current and up coming. There are hundreds of different challenges people are doing this year and hundreds people have completed in previous years. They didn’t have to do any of it, but did! If you happen to see either of the races on TV, think about what these people are putting themselves through. Like I say, they didn’t have to do it. They may never do it again in fact. The thing to realise is that they said – “yes – this year im going to do it” and almost just like that, millions of pounds are raised for causes most of us didnt even know existed and the people who need it the most can be that little better off. All as a result of these people saying yes and giving it a go, staring , lets face it, possible failure in the face and then going for it!

I write about this as we see and hear everyday on the news all the bad in the world today. Be it the state of our economy, politicians scandals, mass murderers on trial, natural disasters and so on… this is in NO WAY a definitive list! So why not once in a while look at the good people are doing and how exciting life can be?  (I am not saying that these “bad” stories should be ignored but that we should focus on the good once in a while too!).

Look at what some people do with their lives that few of us would have ever considered possible! People all over the world over come adversity, they beat their fears, quit their jobs and go for their dreams. Some fail, some succeed, but all know – at least they tried!! People can be sometimes scared of failing in trying new things… take note of Michael Jordan though… It’s important to fail for we would never appreciate the success. Nothing in life will come easy and if it does… it probably wasn’t really worth it.

Take this example as well He could have accepted that his restrictions that we are all quick to assume would stop him from doing this sort of thing, but he didn’t. His story is amazing!

I thought it would be good to write this after i’d learned of so many friends undertaking different challenges this year, taking time out of their normal lives, out of their comfort zones and raising good money for their efforts along the way! If you can, please take time to visit or share their pages and help them out with sponsorship for their chosen charities! This list is not complete… these are simply the people I became aware of over the last week or so trying to raise money for great causes! Just normal people like you and me.

Mark Fenn – – Climbing the 3 tallest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales in 24hrs!!

Dan Whinthorpe – – Also climbing the 3 tallest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales in 24hrs!!

Jon Lamberton – – BUPA Great North Run, Half-Marathon, 13.1miles!!

Sam Colley & Adam Howey – – Completed their first ever marathon, the Brighton Marathon on the 15th April 2012!!

***More to follow!!!***

Check out too – some amazing stories of people who are quite simply amazing.

On a point of getting out there and challenging ourselves, check out Alastair Humphreys as well if you can. He not only lives life to the full but makes it seem possible to anyone! There are some amazing adventures here with great writing, pictures and videos that will get anyone looking for that motivation up and out the door in seconds!!

There are so many amazing people out there today. As you read this, there are people are on top of mountains right now who thought it was impossible a year or two ago… People who have battled all the odds and made it through. People who are out their putting in the training and effort for their chosen events when it may still seem impossible but will do it!
With the internet, facebook, twitter etc it’s all there for us to see and read about too! So many amazing stories of survival against all the odds both in histroy and recent times are available to us! Captain Scott, Ernest Shackleton or Simon Wheatcroft (so very different but amazing people!) and all the others…!!! You read about these people and their stories and it really changes your outlook on what is difficult sometimes… and even if for only for a few people its just for them few minutes while reading or watching it on TV, it can make you realise how fortunate we sometimes.

I am a strong believer in living life to the full! People like Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Sir Edmund Hillary… the likes of Churchill, Mandela… Alastair Humphreys, Lance Armstrong… etc etc. When you read about these amazing people, you realise, that really – Anything is possible.


Training Plan Progress

Week 3:

Monday –  I spent my wk 2 Sunday Long run doing 9 miles through reeds, bogs, corn fields, over fenses and up hills mostly until my iPhone died as i hit the airport trail and it began to level out to trail and tarmac. The first half felt ok and I stook with trying to hold a 9min mile pace (helped by falling over twice and climbing fences etc! Not helped by being chased by a bee for about a mile though.. scary). After the run on Sunday my legs were feeling it and so the rest day on Monday was much needed. Debbie was keen for a run though and so I ended up jogging 2 miles on the evening which i think helped to to flush out the toxins an loosen me up a bit with some stretching afterwards.

Tuesday – Legs STILL quite sore so decided to replace “sprints and legs” with a PUSH workout. My Bench Press has increased by 2.25kg in the 3 wks of training too…

Wednesday – Should have been a rest day but anticipating a busy weekend I decided to hit the gym again for a PULL session.  As detailed on my last blog, this session starts with bent over rows with a straight bar, heavy. This time I thought I would mix it up abit as I didnt get the chance to work my legs on Tuesday and so went for as heavy as i could manage over two exercises and did deadlifts, straight into bent over rows, same weight for both, no rest. Bar + 20kg a side. 5-6reps deadlift straight into 5-6reps bent over row. 5 sets. 60-80s rest. Was different to what i normally do but definitely appeared to be alot harder than just 4 or 5 normal sets of bent over rows so I welcomed the change and certainly felt like i was working both anaerobic and aerobic systems during it before continuing with the rest of the session.

(Today) Thursday – X-train day. After my 9 mile run on Sunday I want to see how I cope with 4 miles at a faster pace so will be off for a run after i post this to see. Legs feel ok today after working them abit in the gym yesterday too so should be ok!

Friday – Rest Day.

Saturday – Rest Day or some x-training.

Sunday – Long Run. Going for 7 miles this time to taper down ready for a 10 mile next week on a recommendation of a mate who’s a big runner. Aim is for a 8:30 pace over the 7miles throwing in some hills so should be a good one! Will charge the iphone fully this time too!

All in all, a good weeks training I think should it go ok later and on the long run this weekend.  Have been suffering a few pains in my left hip recently too after cardio but with some advice from a physio’ friend on stretches that might help, the pain has massively reduced and feels a lot better.  The pain would mostly occur when flying and sitting in the cockpit for 4+ hours so will have to see how it feels on my next flight to confirm if its working…

On a different note, i’ve been looking at an additional challenge to add this year in the form of a 24hr race…  This looks to be the choice at the minute: A good tough, challenging event that will hopefully raise more money for children with cancer UK along the way!

Thanks again!



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