Update on Challenge2012

A week or two has now past since setting up the blog and justgiving page but although I wasn’t planning on making it public just yet (to people through facebook and twitter) I have had my first donation for the charity which is amazing after only putting a small link on my facebook page so thank you Dave Connor!

This entry is more of an update on how planning and training is going for 2012’s challenges.

Over the last two weeks I have been training constantly working on strength and power routines in the gym, mountain biking in the peak district, running with Debbie on an evening, the odd game of squash when i can fit it in and to finish the week, some quality sledging in the snow! (Early Arctic training….?)

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In addition to the regular training, some more progress has been made with dates for some of the challenges. The Coast to Coast bike ride is now set for the 14th March and e-mails are coming together to create the 3 Peak Challenge, set for the jubilee weekend in June. All in all, good progress. Additionally, entry fee’s have all been paid and i’ve found one or two more challenges to add to the list (just waiting for responses)!

One of the most exciting aspects to come from the last two weeks though has to be planning for the River Wye Challenge. The original plan was to hire the Kayak Clubs Equipment, strap our backpacks to them with tents etc then set off kayaking the river.  After some thoughts I think we may have come up with an exciting and better (in my opinion!) option – not a packraft as such, but an inflatable kayak!  The cost less than £250 with Paddles and are graded to take rapids. They are slower than a rigid kayak/canoe but open up a whole world of other challenges/adventures aswell!!

Prior to setting the Wye Challenge, the plan was to follow in the footsteps of Alastair Humphrey (A British Adventurer – Nominated as Adventurer of the Year 2011, National Geographic) and treck across Scotland, then inflate what are known as Packrafts (www.alpackaraft.com) and kayak the from the source of the River Spey to Sea. Unfortunately, getting a partner for the challenge required them to also fork out £700+ for a packraft and so it became, sadly, unrealistic, especially at such an early stage in doing this kind of thing.

The dream is still alive though and I would still like to give this a try and although I have bigger plans for 2013, i think this little adventure could be a good start to the year!  Maybe using the Seyvlor inflatable if i can find a way to pack it down enough or change the logisitics of the trip.

Anyway, just a short update but I will leave it at that for now. The coast to coast trip are dates set, 3 peaks coming together nicely and training for the GNR2012 and Marathon, slow but there… Additionally both the Coast to Coast and the Adventure triathlon are almost less than a month away now, so will give a good starting point to what will hopefully be a rewarding and challenging year – all for Children with Cancer UK.


Thanks for reading – more updates this month!



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